What is the Nail Matrix?

No, I’m not referring to The Matrix the movie.  I’m talking about the nail matrix, a very important part of our finger nails and toe nails.

The nail matrix is located under the base of the finger or toe nail. It contains blood vessels and nerves like most other parts of our body.  It is responsible for generating the cells that create our actual nail.  As new cells are made, the old cells (nail) are pushed forward to make room- which is why our nails grow.

The nail matrix is a delicate area. Damage to the matrix can result in broken blood vessels, which is usually recognized by a horizontal brown-reddish band under your nail.  If the nail matrix is badly damaged, scarring can occur, and even potentially lead to a nail that grows out funky (split in half). Be sure to take it easy the next time you push back your cuticles, for it is a delicate area.

If you think you may have damaged your nail matrix, make an appointment with Dr. Hollander to have your nail looked at (707) 578-1222