Walking Warning Signs of Babies that Every Parent Should Look For

The time has come and your child is now more mobile than ever- they can walk!  While walking itself is an exciting milestone, and isn’t expected to be perfect at first, parents should be assessing their child’s walking pattern or gait for potential abnormalities.

Signs to look out for:

Toe-Walking: toe walking is not uncommon in little ones, but persistent toe-walking could be a sign of other issues like- a short Achilles tendon, cerebral palsy, autism or muscular dystrophy.

Flat Feet: Kids with a family history of flat feet should be examined by a podiatrist as soon as they start walking, to ensure their feet are developing normally.  They may end up benefiting from custom orthotics when they get a bit older.

In-Toeing: Rather than pointing forward, one or both feet point toward the other due to the foot, leg, thigh or hip rotating. It is also commonly seen in children that sit in a W-formation.

Metatarsus Adductus (MTA): This is the bending of the foot inward, forming a “c” like shape. While considered a common foot deformity and usually will correct itself over time, some children may need special casts or surgery.

Young children may not know how to tell their parents when they are experiencing foot pain, so look for physical cues that include: tripping, taking shoes off frequently, unevenly worn shoe soles or limping.

If you think your child may be experiencing foot pain or a walking abnormality, give our office a call so that we can get your little one in right away for an evaluation. (707) 578-1222



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