VIONIC Tide Post Sandal- A User Review

Reviewed by: Sarah Del Buono

The VIONIC shoe brand is one that has focused on the anatomical features of the foot, by providing foot alignment and arch support to its wearers. They make sneakers, dress shoes, sandals, high heels and slippers for both women and men.

A few months ago, I was in need of a new pair of sandals because the strap on my current pair had broken, so I was offered the chance to try out a pair of Vionic sandals from Dr. John D. Hollander. Growing up I never had an issue wearing flat base shoes or sandals, but as I’ve become older (ahem, 33) I have found my feet to be less tolerable of the lack of support many shoes have.  After wearing these sandals for 4 months, I was happy to have found a brand that lives up to its word.  Here is my personal review of the VIONIC Tide Post Sandal for (Men or Women).


  • Quality Materials. The sole is thick and the straps are sturdy.
  • The design/aesthetic is neutral and you could wear them with your everyday casual wear.
  • Provides great arch support. I am able to walk around all day and not experience any discomfort.
  • Good traction. The sole is rubber and has little indentations to help keep you up right.


  • Takes a few days to get comfortable in them, there is a break-in period. (Though that is clearly stated on their website)
  • Not available in size Wide. I am lucky enough to have a foot width that is right between B and C, so even though the shoe is marketed to Men (which tend to be a bit wider than women shoes), the side of my foot grazes over the side.
  • The squishy-ness of the foot bed attracts my cat to want to use it as a scratching post. You may not have that problem, but it means I have to keep my sandals off the floor. But it also acts as a great impact buffer as you walk.
  • A little high in price for my current budget (I work part time and go to school full time).

Based on the Pros and Cons that I’ve shared with you, I would say that overall, the VIONIC Tide Post Sandals live up to their name providing the alignment and support many of us need, all while being packaged in quality materials that are sure to last for quite some time.

If you have not tried out VIONIC, I suggest you give them a try.  They offer so many styles and colors that are sure to fit your needs.  I would be interested in testing out a pair of high heels next, since that is the style of shoe that I despise the most (for obvious reason).

You can purchase VIONIC sandals at Dr. John D. Hollander’s office.  They carry a select variety in-office and are happy to place an order for other styles you may desire.