Toenail repair- Acrylics vs. Keryflex

Important factors for you to consider before heading to the nail salon!

If you have a bruised or damaged toenail, are experiencing yellow brittle nails, or have nails that just don’t grow “normally”, chances are you have been searching for a cosmetic option to fix them.  If you search for toenail repair, you have probably come across the options of using acrylics at the nail salon or a cosmetic application called Keryflex, which is only available to medical professionals.  While acrylics may seem like a quick and easy solution to your nail concerns, there are some important factors you need to consider before heading to your local nail salon.

Acrylics can seem like a great solution to covering up an ugly toenail, but they could be perpetuating an existing condition. For example, if you have Onychomycosis (toenail fungus), an acrylic nail application could cause further damage to your nail. Acrylics are not flexible and the toenail experiences lots of flexibility during the use of your foot (i.e. walking, running).   This lack of flexibility can cause the acrylic to pull on your nail bed and cause damage to it. In addition, acrylics are applied using harsh chemicals which can further irritate and damage the nail. If you are not seeking medical treatment for your onychomycosis the application of the acrylic could further perpetuate the condition. Acrylics are porous which means water can get under the acrylic and cause even more fugus to grow! Another factor to consider is that often the chemicals used to apply acrylics are in a communal container.  While we would like to think that a salon technician has the training and safety to know not to share containers with those that have a fungal infection, there is still the possibility that the condition could go unnoticed thus, leading to a contaminated jar of polymer!

An alternative to using acrylics is a product called the Keryflex Nail Restoration System. Its application process is similar to that of gel nail polish but without the damaging effects. Keryflex is a medical grade cosmetic resin- not a gel- that is impregnated with Piroctone, a hydroxypyridone antifungal ingredient. Keryflex does not treat onychomycosis, but it can prevent new fungal growth and can conceal the effects of it while your nail is healing. Keryflex was designed specifically for toenails with the need to be durable and flexible. This flexibility makes it an excellent option for runners and athletes that may have experienced black or severely broken toenails.  It is a non-porous resin, thus allowing nail polish to be removed with acetone without affecting the cosmetic nail.  Once applied, it is permanently bonded! No need to worry about lifting or chipping.  Because this product can only be applied by a medical professional, you won’t find it in your local beauty supply store.   You also won’t have to wonder whether your kit was used on someone else. Each person gets a kit specifically for them.

When looking for a cosmetic option to treat your nail condition, please take these points into consideration. Acrylic can be a quick, inexpensive and easy way to hide a problem, but depending upon your situation, it could make things worse.  With that being said, we recommend you speak with your doctor or podiatrist about your nail concerns before visiting your local nail salon.

If you would like more information on the Keryflex Nail Restoration system, you can visit our website, schedule a consultation or read more about Keryflex here.