Tips to Enjoy Spring in Sonoma County



Go outdoors

Do what you do, but do it outdoors. Spend time with your loved ones, and go have a great time hiking, or walking while you enjoy great conversation. Take your book or hobby outdoors, bring along some snacks and sit outside and enjoy nature. Here is a list of local park around Sonoma County:

Appreciate Art

Visit your local Museum, the Sonoma County Museum recently opened a gallery showcasing works from famous and local artists. Visit

Local wineries also incorporate art pieces in their properties. Why not visit the famous Paradise Ridge Winery and enjoy their beutiful sculpture garden. Here is a link to a gallery showcasing the sculptures you will see when you visit their garden:

unnamedHere is a link to a site listing wineries that showcase art in their property:

Visit the farmer’s market

Taste the flavors of fresher produce. By buying at your local farmer’s market you’ll be sure to only buy healthy foods, while avoiding processed foods. Support local family farmers and give them a fighting chance in our current economy. For a list of Farmer’s markets in Sonoma County visit:

By: Jesus C. Vazquez, PMAC