Tips on Keeping Your Feet Healthy This Summer

AdobeStock_66621264With summer coming up quick you will start to be enjoying more activities outdoors. The warmer weather usually means you’ll be going barefoot and wearing shoes that are less than supportive and protective. Remember it is important to keep your feet protected and supported at all times to help prevent injury and possible infections.

“To properly care for your feet while enjoying everything summer has to offer, follow the sound expert advice below. You’ll be glad you did.”



  1. Cut down on blisters
  2. Rethink your flip flops
  3. Proceed barefoot with caution
  4. Ease sweaty feet
  5. Get a safe pedicure
  6. Sidestep those germs
  7. Prevent and treat dry and cracked heels

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Have a fun and safe summer!!

Jessica, PMA