Tips for Keeping Your Feet Warm

As I’m sitting at my desk next to a window, I notice that my feet are starting to get quite cold!  This got me thinking, that others, maybe you, are experiencing cold feet right now too!?  What can be done to resolve the uncomfortable feeling of cold feet?  Well, here are a few suggestions I can recommend:

  1. Get moving. Blood circulation instantly warms the body up.   That’s why we get warmer after a workout, all the blood moving around our body. So try walking up and down your hallway a few times.
  2. Stretches. If you’re sitting at a desk like me, then try performing foot stretches.  Move your ankles in circular motions ten times in one direction, and then repeat ten times in the opposite direction.  You can also flex and relax your feet too!
  3. Socks. If you don’t have any on right now, then please, do so.  But when selecting what type of fiber to wear, some are more effective at keeping the cold away, then others.  Moreno wool would be my first choice for it has the ability to hold more moisture and keep it off your feet.  Moisture is was makes your feet feel cold.  Bamboo can be a great option if you find wool too itchy.  It is also eco-friendly!
  4. Slippers. Yes, not only will they keep your feet warm, they can protect your feet from bumps and cuts.  If you have a pair with orthotic support- even better.  If your slippers hurt your feet, call your podiatrist to talk about orthotic inserts.  Slippers should be supportive too!
  5. Shoes. While we encourage wearing shoes that allow airflow to help prevent foot fungus, it is counterproductive when it comes to warming your feet.  Wearing boots or shoes designed to minimize breathing will help keep air and moisture from touching your feet, thus keeping them warmer.
  6. Footbaths. A nice warm foot soak is an excellent way to warm your toes back up. But be sure to check the temperature with your hand or forearm, especially if you have neuropathy. We don’t want you to burn your feet!
  7. Floor mats. This idea may be overlooked, but worth a try.  If you have solid floors where your desk or chairs are, you could try adding a floor mat in that space.  This will create a barrier between you and the floor.  They even have heated floor mats on the market, if you want even more warmth.

I hope after following these tips you will find relief in your cold feet.  If cold feet just seem to be following you everywhere, then give Dr. Hollander a call.  There may be something else going on.  You can schedule a consultation by calling (707) 578-1222.