Tips for Healthy Summer Feet!

relaxation in touch with nature - spring backgroundSummer can be hard on your feet. The combination of heat, sun, and surf can take a toll on them. But it doesn’t have to. These simple steps to healthy summer feet will keep them healthy and looking their best during warm weather.

New sandals often cause blisters on your feet when they rub against bare skin –

“The sores form from the chafing that happens when a shoe rubs up against the skin until it balloons out and fills with fluid to cushion and protect the deeper layers of skin underneath.”

Going outdoors without shoes in the summer increases the risk of injury to your feet. It also increases the odds that you will develop plantar warts on the bottom of your feet and other infections such as athlete’s foot or toe nail fungus.

“…these things tend to thrive in warm, moist environments, like a public pool…Going shoeless also raises the risk of picking up foreign bodies, like stepping on glass or splinters”

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