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Help! My child has an ingrown toenail!

Your little girl’s toe is swollen, red, oozy and just plain uncomfortable.  She has an ingrown toenail! An ingrown toenail is a common discomfort that can happen to anybody at any age.  It occurs when the side of the toenail decides to grow down and into the side of the toe, rather than straight and […]

Avoid Kids Foot Problems With The Right Shoes

“Your child’s feet can grow up to two sizes in six months, so you need to account for growth when buying shoes. That doesn’t mean you should buy shoes that are too big—oversized shoes cause the foot to slide forward, putting excessive pressure on the toes. A good fit is about a thumbs width from […]

Preventing Ingrown Toenails In Children

Ingrown toenails are a common condition and are seen in patients of all ages, including children. A few reasons children can experience an ingrown toe nail is due to wearing a pair of shoes that are too tight, tight socks and incorrect trimming of the nails. Children may also inherit toenails that have the tendency […]