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Last Minute Gifts for Happy Feet!

Everyone has at least one ‘difficult to buy for’ person in their lives, or someone that has “everything”, so why not consider buying a gift that caters to their feet this year? After all, they play a significant role in our everyday lives! You will be surprised at the number of options that you have […]

Selecting the Best Shoes for Wide Feet

  Shopping for shoes that are both cute and comfortable can be a daunting task in itself; but if you have wide feet, it can be even more challenging.  Finding shoes that fit your feet properly is crucial in preventing discomfort and the development of other foot conditions.  Having a poorly fitting shoe can lead […]

How to Improve Foot and Leg Pain with Prescription Orthotics

If you are experiencing pain related to your foot, ankle prescription orthotics may be the solution to your discomfort. They can usually be part of the recommended treatment plan for common foot problems like:  heel pain, bunions, shin splints, metatarsalgia. There are two types of orthotic inserts: Functional & Accommodative. Functional orthotics are used to […]

7 Tips for Healthy and Happy Feet.

Photo Credit: Amberle Van Den Broeke Our feet are the foundation of our bodies. They allow us to walk, work and do fun activities. Follow these simple tips to keep your feet in the best shape possible: Use closed toe shoes. Avoid injuring your toes or foot if you happen to bump them. Clean and […]

Spring into Orthotics to End Foot Pain

Custom Orthotics

Spring is in the air! As the weather gets hotter, spring sandals become the shoes of choice. This year’s trends are varied. You might try a jeweled version, or maybe you prefer color blocking. Whatever your favorite sandal style, comfort is key. If you wear orthotics in your shoes, you might feel like your footwear […]