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Is Summer To Blame For My Calluses?

When the weather heats up, so do our feet!  We get relief from that heat by wearing shoes that allow our feet to breathe better, like sandals or mesh tennis shoes, or we don’t wear any shoes at all. But with this change in footwear, many of us start to see a change in our […]

9 Most Common Foot Problems in Patients Over 40

Foot problems are not age specific, they can happen to anyone, but there are conditions that seem to show up more often for those that are over 40. Today we will discuss the 9 most common foot problems that patients over 40 tend to experience, what causes them, treatment options, and prevention methods. Life in your 40s […]

How to Treat Dry Feet

When the weather is nice, many of us like to expose our feet and that means wearing sandals or walking barefoot. Both of which expose the skin on our feet to the sun and rough surfaces of the ground. Dry skin and callus build-up tend to occur for a few reasons.  The skin on our […]

Selecting the Best Shoes for Wide Feet

  Shopping for shoes that are both cute and comfortable can be a daunting task in itself; but if you have wide feet, it can be even more challenging.  Finding shoes that fit your feet properly is crucial in preventing discomfort and the development of other foot conditions.  Having a poorly fitting shoe can lead […]

At Home Callus Care

Are you noticing thick skin buildup on your feet? Is it making it painful to walk or be active? Then you may be suffering from callus buildup. Calluses are caused by friction and pressure. If you wear open sandals in the summer then you may notice more calluses than in the winter when you are […]

Corns and Calluses!

“Corns and calluses are areas of thickened skin that develop to protect that area from irritation. They occur when something rubs against the foot repeatedly or causes excess pressure against part of the foot. If the thickening of skin occurs on the bottom of the foot, it’s called a callus. If it occurs on the […]

Wine Country Foot Spa

Do you have dry, cracked heels, calluses or long toenails that need trimming?  If so, stop by our office today to schedule an appointment at our Wine Country Foot Spa! We provide various spa treatments, such as basic pedicures, callous treatments and reflexology massages. Wine Country Foot Spa provides patients with the best treatments possible. […]