Stretching for Injury Prevention

The Human Race is happening May 10th at 8am and will be a fun-filled day of helping out non-profit groups all over Sonoma County. Whether you are walking or running in the 3K or 10K, you will want to know how to prepare properly and stretch for injury prevention. Missing out on this race because you are injured would be a big disappointment.

Stretching to prevent injuryStretching should be an important part of anyone’s daily routine, especially people who live a more active lifestyle. There are many benefits of stretching, including improving athletic performance and reducing your risk of sustaining an injury. It does this by increasing flexibility and range of motion in your muscles and joints. It can also help calm you and could even become part of a ritual before a big race or competition.

There are several specific stretches that can help prevent injury in your feet. A towel can be used for gently pulling your feet toward you to get your tendons and muscles more limber. Another way to use a towel is by placing it on the floor and using your toes to scrunch it towards you and then push it away. Standing on a stair step, you can stretch your toes and your calves by letting your heels sink gently below the step. A good stretch for your arches is to roll a golf ball back and forth under your feet. These stretches are all easy and require very little equipment, but they are very effective in decreasing your risk of injury.

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