Stinky Children’s Feet

Dollarphotoclub_13239962 (1)Have you noticed a smelly odor when you child takes off their shoes? That is due to bacteria, fungus and dirt being trapped in the shoes.

As you know, children are very active and can sweat a lot. Wearing socks and shoes most all the time with very little time for the feet to “breath” with cause the odor. Below are some simple tricks to help keep their feet smelling good and reduce the embarrassment of having stinky feet.

  1. Wash feet each night to remove sweat, dead skin, dirt and odors
  2. Make sure they wear clean dry socks and shoes each day
  3. Allow feet to “breath” or air out each night or change into clean dry socks once they are home for the night
  4. Use an anti-fungal shoe spray or sterishoe to sanitize the shoes
  5. Wash shoes in the washer and allow them to completely dry before wearing
  6. Try to alternate shoes daily

Remember that adding powders to shoes is not recommended as they will cake and hold moisturize making the issue worse.

If you notice the skin is starting to peel off your child’s feet then call Dr. Hollander today for an evaluation. Also, if the above tips do not help reduce or eliminate stinky feet then call for an appointment today, 707-578-1222.


Jessica, P.M.A.