Sonoma County Resources for Caregivers

Dollarphotoclub_42247150Taking care of a loved one is a very taxing job, both physically and emotionally. Often times a person will be the only caregiver for a sick spouse, friend, or relative. Many people feel the weight on their shoulders from proving care 24/7 without having a break to take care of their own needs.

Recently our office asked around and a friend our office pointed us in the right direction. We found two local resources that help provide care for caregivers. These two resources do not provide services for the sick person, but rather for the person doing the caregiver. They also provide “Respite Care”, which are services to relieve caregivers of the stress of constant care for a brief period of time.

Here is some information about them:

  • Redwood Caregiver Resource CenterPhone number: 707-542-0282. Located in Santa Rosa, CA. They provide Family counseling, Respite Care, Legal and financial consultations, support groups and education.
  • Catholic CharitiesPhone Number: 707-528-8712. Located in Santa Rosa, CA. They help provide Alzheimer’s Respite, and family support groups.

Visit their websites for more information. But most importantly you can also contact them to make a donation to help provide more respite care to our community.

If you know someone that can benefit from their services please give them a copy of these services.

Article by: Jesus C. Vazquez, PMAC