Show off your pretty toes this summer!

Proper Toenail Trimming Techniques to show off your pretty toes. Practice these tips as part of your pedicure!

Dollarphotoclub_73802238 (1)Use the right tools: A nail clipper designed for toenails will do the job easier than trying to cut them with a small fingernail clipper. You can smooth down ragged nail edges with a metal nail file or an emery board.

Cut the right way: You want to avoid the risk of ingrown toenails, infection, and pain by cutting your nails straight across with several small nips to match the contour of your toe. Do not cut back the corners and do not cut them too short, as this can lead to sore, in-grown toenails.

Don’t let them get too long: Your toenails protect the ends of your toes from damage, but if they get too long, they can cause pain when your shoes press on them.

Keep them clean: It is best to clean them after your shower, bath or a foot soak, when the skin and nail are softer, using a soft brush or your fingernails.

Remember, if you have diabetes you need to be extremely careful how you handle your feet. The smallest scrape, cut, or puncture while doing your toenail trimming could risk becoming a non-healing ulcer. Call Dr. Hollander’s office to schedule an appointment if you notice or feel anything unusual during your daily foot check (707)-578-1222. Book your appointment online.

By: Alma R. Hernandez, PMA