Orthotics Refurbishing & Duplication

Whether you need to repair your orthotics or make a matching set, we can make it happen.

Orthotic Refurbishing & Repair

Orthotics just like tires in your car can wear down over time. The top cushioning covers are meant to absorb the shock and pressure of every step. Once this breaks down, your feet may start to feel uncomfortable or hurt. We have partnerships with orthotic laboratories that can refurbish and repair your orthotics. As long as the hard shell of the custom orthotic is intact and not cracked they can be refurbished.

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(Service for existing and new patients to the practice)

Duplicate Pairs of Orthotics

Orthotics are part of your therapy and treatment plan. They are meant to be switched between your shoes, but at times this can be frustrating and a hassle. Don’t go without your orthotics just because you find it a hassle to switch them back and forth.

Additional Pairs of Orthotics is Smart:
*This helps you improve your treatment outcome by ensuring more frequent use of your custom orthotics.

*Avoid the inconvenience of switching the orthotics back and forth between your many shoes, helping prologue the life of your devices.

*Perfect to have a pair for your activity or gym shoes, and a pair for work or dress shoes.

*Additional pairs of orthotics can be tailored and the prescription modified to function and better fit in specialized shoes (dancing shoes, soccer cleats, high heel shoes, golf shoes, etc.)

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