Prepare For Your Next Race With Shin Splint Prevention

Big races deserve plenty of training. Whether you plan to run the full or half marathon, the 5K or even the 3K, you should already be boosting your training so you can race well. An important aspect of preparation that many runners don’t consider is shin splint prevention.

Shin splints are a common overuse problem that affects many athletes. Stress in the tissues along your shin bones causes burning and aching pain in the front of your legs when you are active. This can set back your training quite a bit and make it harder to achieve your goals before a big race. Investing in shin splint prevention can help you avoid the issue altogether, allowing you to continue running strong. Here are a few basic factors to consider that can help prevent this injury:

Shoes – Your footwear supports your feet as you stride and helps you absorb impacts on the ground. Use models that fit your feet correctly and replace any worn out pairs.

Orthotics – Sometimes shoes are not enough to support your lower limbs. If you have very flat or very high arches, you may need an insert to stabilize your midfoot.

Conditioning – Your feet and lower legs need to be built up over time to handle your activities. Stretch and strengthen your calves and shins regularly to help condition them for the strain of running.

Cross-training – Your limbs do need breaks from hard impacts to recover. To continue working other muscles, cross-train with low-impact activities like biking or swimming.

Pay attention to your body during your activities. Shin splint prevention helps, but your feet will tell you if it actually works. If you are struggling with painful shins or are not sure how to condition your lower limbs, let us know here at John D. Hollander, DPM in Santa Rosa, CA. We can help. Call (707) 578-1222 or submit a request through the website to reach us.