Podiatry Themed Valentine’s Day Cards!

The new year literally just started and what do my eyes see? Shelves and shelves filled with Valentine cards, candy and gifts, because Valentine’s Day is only 2 weeks away!

If you are looking for unconventional Valentine cards that you can print up at home for pennies on the dollar, look no further.  We have created a handful of fun, vibrant and podiatry themed Valentine cards just for you!

Click on the links for access to the PDF to download and print your Valentines.  We recommend printing on card stock or photo paper!  You can make your Valentine’s to be just about any size that you prefer, but the sizes they were designed to be are indicated in the instructions on the PDF.

We hope you enjoy our Valentine cards and would love to see your final products- just be sure to tag us!

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This Valentine was designed to get your little one involved.  Using stamping ink or a non-toxic paint, create the letter ‘V’ in LOVE by using their feet!  Then, attach your favorite picture of your love bug below.  This Valentine is sure to be the highlight of any recipient!

Download your BabyFeetValentine here











Physical touch is very healing to human mind and body and often when we think of giving a massage we go straight for the back! But it is the feet that are often overlooked.  Our feet do a lot of work through out the day holding us up and taking us places!  The foot is very sensitive- it has to be! When you give a foot massage you don’t have to use a lot of pressure, soft touches can be very enjoyable and beneficial.

Access your 30MinValentine foot massage here





Here is a great interactive Valentine!  Play a game of tic-tac-toe with your sweetie.  Add a fun pencil, pen or even a box of Tic Tacs!

You can even add a bit of pizzazz to this Valentine by incorporating sparkly puffy paint or rhinestones to the hearts!

Enjoy your game of TicTacToeValentine









I’m Head Over Heels for you!  Get it, “heels” ?  🙂

This is the perfect Valentine for someone that likes puzzles and another great way to let them know how you feel.  The textures give the appearance of foil, without actually being foil.

Pair this Valentine with “Airhead” candies, an amazing pair of Podiatrist approved shoes or maybe even a bouquet of flowers!






Awe, so sweet indeed!  Maybe you could use this Valentine as an invitation to go out for frozen yogurt?

Or, accompany this Valentine with a box of special sweets- Sugar Free of course!












Would it be too cheesy to give this Valentine to someone with a pair of Valentine socks?









Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and we truly hope you (and your recipient) enjoy these cards.