Fire Disaster  Help in Sonoma County

Update: 11-14-2017

Dear donors,

I’m pleased to announce that we have raised a total of $1700 for our “Soul 2 Sole” campaign. Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to help those affected by the recent fire disaster in Sonoma County.

Our campaign has come to a closure, and your contributions made it possible to support our local fire and police responders as well as individuals affected by the recent loss of their homes to the fires. With the funds raised we were able to purchase 45 pairs of comfort insoles that were already distributed to first responders, police and firefighters. Note that a great discount was courteously provided by the company Spenco in support of this campaign to purchase these insoles.

Arrangements have been made with Fleet Feet Sports Santa Rosa shoe store to purchase shoes and socks and provide them to individuals that have lost their homes in the fire disaster. On a side note we also want to inform you that the company Superfeet donated 500 pairs of supportive sandals that have already been distributed to families and first responders.

With our hearts filled with gratitude, our entire office would like to thank you for your generosity. We know more support will be needed in the days to come, and this campaign was the first step in helping those in need.

Thank you,

John D. Hollander, DPM


Superfeet: Donated 500 pairs of supportive sandals to those affected by the fire disaster and to responders. Sandals were dispensed in our community through the help of the shoe store Fleet Feet Sports Santa Rosa and the non-profit organization Crossing the Jordan.


“Dr. Hollander is Keeping Boots on the Ground in Sonoma County”

The Sonoma County Tubbs and Nuns fires have burnt homes and businesses in our community. Over 2,000 homes and building were destroyed. We have over 8,000 first responders working in the fire disasters trying to contain the fires.

People have lots all of their valuables in this horrific fire, others have lost their jobs and source of income. We care for our community and want to make going through this disaster a little  better. Help us to get shoes and socks for those in need. 

Funds will be used:

  • * Medical supplies to treat first responders.
  • * Buy and provide shoes to those affected,

Our office will also be in need of medical supplies to treat First Responders. Our office is providing No Cost medical appointments to first responders with any foot or ankle medical problem.

Our feet are the foundation of our daily lives, and we want to help make the going a little easier by helping those displaced and the first responders trying to save Sonoma County.

“Donate today! Every little bit counts.”

The funds raised will be used to buy new shoes and new socks that will be distributed to those affected.

Please check back later for information about this campaign.