Numbers to Know With Diabetes

Dollarphotoclub_62394043Although your primary-care physician may have been the one to order blood-glucose testing, you need a team of professionals to guide you through all of diabetes’ medical details. Ideally your team will include your primary-care physician, an endocrinologist (a hormone specialist who understands the intricacies of insulin), a registered dietitian to help you fine-tune your eating plan, an ophthalmologist (an eye specialist who can look for diabetes-related signs of damage to the retina), a podiatrist (a foot-care specialist who can help prevent complications from diabetes-related nerve damage and skin sores), and a dentist to keep periodontal disease and other infections under control.

 “Understanding your diabetes numbers can help you feel better and have more control over the disease. Learn which numbers to watch and why.”

It is very important to properly manage your diabetes. Good health, foot care, exercise and a healthy diet are not only important in everybody’s life but are especially important in the life of a diabetic.

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