Morning Huddles for Daily Success


PhotoGrid_1421960865976What drives a team to be in the moment and win a game? It all starts with that meeting, a.k.a, “the huddle.” The huddle is an important get together for the success of any type of team. Actually, it is the best action for weekly, monthly, and lifetime success of any business.

As explained in the article, “3 Elements for Powerful Workplace Team Huddles,” written by,, the three elements are as follows: vision, unity, and clarity.

Here at our practice we have weekly morning huddles that are successful. They take place just before our first patient, approx., 30 minutes in length. We take the three elements in example very clear:

  • Communicating the vision of anything about the business is crucial. A continuous vision we portray is to be the best podiatry office in the world.
  • In our morning huddles we provide clarity about this vision by communicating the steps for our success. One of those steps is to run our appointments in a timely manner from a system we use to transition from patient to patient.
  • Finally, making sure that the unity of the team is in effect. The unity of a team grows from communication and letting everyone in the team provide their input.

We welcome you to experience the best care in podiatry here at John Hollander, DPM. Please call with any questions or to set up an appointment, 707-578-1222.

David Nieto, PMA

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