Mirror, Mirror on the Floor: Diabetic Foot Checks!!

Proper foot care for diabetics is crucial. Diabetic patients are more prone to foot problems such as:

  • 110_F_37567965_KrhNnAbA8U1JB5LvWBuOaDKLoYkHNzXXLoss of feeling in their feet
  • Changes in the shape of their feet
  • Foot ulcers and sores that do not heal

Simple daily foot checkups can prevent serious problems in the long run. It is always better to catch them early rather than later.

Follow these simple everyday steps that will help prevent serious complications with your feet:

  1. Take care of your Diabetes.
  2. Check your feet every day. If you have trouble bending over use a plastic mirror to see your feet.
  3. Protect your feet from hot and cold by wearing the proper shoes and socks.
  4. Wash your feet every day.
  5. Keep skin soft and smooth.
  6. Keep the blood flowing through your feet with light activities.

A simple search on Google for plastic mirrors will get you on your way to healthier feet. Start your diabetic foot checks today!!

Our office loves treating diabetic patients and providing the best possible care and education we can. Give us a call if you need to be seen by a professional (707) 578-1222.


By:  Alma R. Hernandez, PMA