Make Your Own Luxury Foot Soaks, Scrubs & Balms

Have you ever considered making your own foot care products?  They are very easy to make using ingredients that are found in most stores. They also make wonderful and inexpensive gifts! By using beautiful jars and bows you can create a unique gift that comes straight from the heart.  What’s even better when making your own recipes is that you know exactly what ingredients are used and you can take pride in knowing your completed product is cruelty-free and organic (should you choose to use organic).

Dry skin can occur for several reasons and often becomes most prevalent during the summer and winter months where the air is most dry.  Removing dead skin cells helps to relieve the appearance of dry skin, encourage new cell production, as well as, prime the skin for moisturizers which help lock in moisture.  This is why we think that making your own foot soaks, scrubs, and heel balms are a great idea.  Feel free to experiment with different scent combinations in these recipes.

Once you have made your foot soak, scrub, or heel balm, you will need to present it in packaging that will wow the recipient.  There are many types of containers you can use, though glass or tin are best.  Consider repurposing an empty candle jar, mason jar, or unique tin to hold your product.  Decorate the container with the use of twine, ribbon, or flowers.  You may even want to paint an image on the jar or use vinyl cutouts to make it even more special.  Be sure to add a beautiful spoon or stick to allow them to stir up the mixtures before use. Here are a few visuals to help inspire you:

Photo Credits:,, ouibyyoplait, Neiman Marcus website

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Immediately after exfoliating your skin, be sure to apply your favorite moisturizer.  Coconut oil with lavender and orange essence is a lovely combination but do note that it can leave the skin feeling a tad bit greasy.

Remember to avoid using salt scrubs on your face and on sensitive skin areas, such as freshly shaved legs as it will be too abrasive on the skin*.

If you are not seeing the relief in your dry skin after a week or two of self-care, you may need to see a doctor.  Chronic dry skin can be a sign of something more serious.

Happy exfoliating!

*If you are a diabetic, please consult with your doctor prior to using at-home remedies for your dry skin.

If you are not finding relief for your dry skin, please call Dr. Hollander at (707) 578-1222 to schedule an appointment today. And if you’re not big on making your own foot care products, consider purchasing a gift certificate for one of our amazing medical pedicures!