Keeping Your Feet Warm on a Cold Winter Walk

Dollarphotoclub_98042931During the cold and wet winter months, it is very important to keep your feet dry and warm. It is also important to stay active and continue your exercise routine including taking walks outside. Here are some easy tips to help keep your feet dry and warm.

  1. Wear a warmer shoe ie; avoid mesh running shoes, instead wear a hiking boot or trail shoe
  2. Warm thick socks – save the thin cotton socks for warm weather
  3. Waterproof clothing and shoes


‘…On cold days, I grab a paper towel or Starbucks napkin and fold it over the top of my foot, toes, and under the toes. Then I put on my shoe. This provides a thin layer of insulation that is usually just enough for comfort…”

Remember that if you use toe warmers or do warm water soaks then you want to make sure the toe warmer or water is not too hot as you can easily burn yourself. If you have neuropathy then you need to check the temperature with your hand or forearm as you cannot rely on your feet to tell you if it is too hot.

“Don’t let cold feet keep you indoors during the winter. There is more to winter walking than just the treadmill. But your toes can get painfully cold, and you may even risk frostbite in bitter weather. You want to avoid getting sweaty feet, as that puts you at risk of developing a blister. You can protect your feet in cold weather with these tips.”

Stay active this winter and have fun enjoying the outdoors!


For further tips on keeping your feet dry and warm while outside in the winter click here:


Jessica, P.M.A.