Is Summer To Blame For My Calluses?

When the weather heats up, so do our feet!  We get relief from that heat by wearing shoes that allow our feet to breathe better, like sandals or mesh tennis shoes, or we don’t wear any shoes at all. But with this change in footwear, many of us start to see a change in our feet in the form of callus build-up.

Calluses are thickened skin often observed on the heel or ball of your feet.  They are caused by pressure and friction, the rubbing of the skin against another surface.  Excessive callus build-up can cause foot pain as well.

But what does summer have to do with calluses?  Well, often people will wear sandals in the summer, and many sandal varieties slip back and forth on the foot as we walk.  Walking barefoot at home or at the beach also causes friction on the foot.

Stay on top of your potential callus build-up by, wearing sandals with straps, wearing socks, moisturizing daily with a cream specific for feet, utilizing a pumice stone or callus shaver, seek out medical pedicure services if you need assistance.

If your calluses feel out of control, or you can’t maintain them the way that you would like to, reach out to Dr. Hollander today.  We can provide you with services to get your feet back to feeling good and looking smooth.  We also carry special foot-specific creams that work great for callus prevention.

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