Is Barefoot Running a Good Idea?

If you’re planning on going to the Classical Mystery Tour Beatles Tribute Concert, you may decide to pay homage to Abbey Road by not wearing any footwear. In fact, barefoot running is an old phenomenon that is making a comeback with many enthusiasts. This topic brings up controversy in many circles. Discussions center on whether it is better for your feet or more risky–here are some things you need to know.

Flat Feet FrontBarefoot running is also known as minimalist running. Proponents say that it is better for people to run this way, because it creates a forefoot first stride. This offers benefits including creating a more natural stride. Traditional running shoes are often selected based on their ability to control pronation. However, minimalists say that their more organic take on running shoes may resolve your pronation concerns—the natural way.

Minimalist running also comes with its fair share of dangers. Many people jump into this trend quickly instead of gradually warming their feet up to the change. This error often results in injuries. The thicker sole of a traditional shoe provides protection for your feet. If you experience a puncture wound, infection may result. This can be especially dangerous for patients with pre-existing foot conditions or a disease such as diabetes.

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