How to Treat Dry Feet

When the weather is nice, many of us like to expose our feet and that means wearing sandals or walking barefoot. Both of which expose the skin on our feet to the sun and rough surfaces of the ground.

Dry skin and callus build-up tend to occur for a few reasons.  The skin on our feet sweat, especially when they are hot, and this sweat can cause the skin to dry out.  When we walk barefoot, it is often on a rough surface such as concrete, sand or dirt, all of which can cause little abrasions on the surface of the skin, leading to a rough texture.  Exposure to other elements such as the sun, ocean water or pool water can also have a drying affect.

So, how do we prevent or treat these symptoms?  There is a combination of a few things that we can do each day to help our feet look and feel soft.

Wash & Moisturize Daily: By washing your feet, you are removing the debris from earlier in the day that was causing your skin to be scratched.  Using a moisturizer formulated for thicker skin will assist in bringing moisture back to the feet.

Stay Hydrated: Showing signs of dry feet can often be a tell tale of dehydration.  Drink 6-8 glasses of water each day and increase that amount when you are physically active and the outside temperatures are warmer.

Soak: If you are treating dry feet, give them a soak in warm water with Epsom salts for about 15-20 minutes.  Epsom salt helps loosen up the dry skin.  Follow your soak with a quality moisturizer.

Exfoliate: After your regular shower or a good long soak, exfoliate your feet to help remove the dry skin build up, also known as calluses, with the use of a pumice stone and a stiff bristle brush.

Maintain: Keep your feet looking good and feeling soft by applying moisturizer on a daily basis. If you need more help with moisture, try applying a moisturizer designed for feet and then putting on cotton socks while you sleep.

If you need additional assistance in maintaining happy and healthy feet, give our office a call.  We can schedule an appointment to discuss your foot related concerns and help you find a solution.  Our offices are open Monday-Friday and our phone number is (707) 578-1222.