How to tell if you have athlete’s foot or psoriasis.

Do you have athlete’s foot or psoriasis? This is a common question, because the signs and symptoms of both conditions are similar.  To help you figure this out we have put together a quick sign and symptom tree to help determine whether you have the fungal infection commonly known as Athlete’s foot, or a genetic condition known as Psoriasis. Answer each question and follow the corresponding path, which will lead you to the corresponding condition.

This sign and symptom tree is not designed to formally diagnosis or treat your skin conditions, but rather break down the common symptoms and differences that these two conditions have. There are other symptoms related to each condition that is not listed here.  If you have a concern about your skin or feet you should contact your health care provider. They will be able to give you a formal diagnosis and treatment plan for your specific needs.  If you have a concern about your feet, please call our office to set up an appointment.  We can be reached at (707) 578-1222.