How to Stay Motivated in Your Walking Routine

Getting started is the first step to having a walking routine, but the hardest step is staying motivated to continue to do it!  Sometimes it takes

motivation from different things to help us stay on track.  To get you started, we have listed a few ways to help you stay motivated in your routine!

  • Set daily goals- Set daily steps for yourself and a monthly step goal
  • Walk with a friend- having someone to be accountable with and to talk to is a great motivator
  • Follow motivational boards on Instagram or Pinterest- you can follow a specific board or a general hashtag like #motivationalquotes or #runningmemes
  • Schedule your walks- put it in your calendar with an alarm
  • Join a walking club
  • Register for a walking challenge event
  • Track your steps, many people aim for 10,000 steps which is equivalent to 5 miles
  • Select a pretty location- walk in an area that is pleasant to look at and makes you feel good!

There you have it!  Simple, easy ways to stay motivated to keep you walking and taking care of yourself!