How To Stay Fit While Working In An Office

It’s hard to say no to free office lunches or snacks that are sitting there begging you to eat them. However,  there are a few things that you can do to avoid packing on the pounds while sitting down all day.

Walk As Muchcircle As Possible

  • Try to walk during your lunch break. This is an opportunity to get fresh air, clear your mind and be more energetic.
  • For those that drive to work park your car as far away as possible so that you can get those extra steps in.

Move Around The Office

  • Try to get up from your desk every hour, if possible. It is important to break the seal of sitting on your desk for hours straight.
  • Do 25 squats or pushups every time you take a bathroom/coffee break. This will give you a quick rush of energy.
  • Do some wall squats- Put your back flat against the wall, with your feet out in front of you and knees at a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for as long as possible, you’ll definitely feel a great burn in your quads!

Drink Lots Of Water And Eat Healthy Snacks

  • ” Make a point to fill up your water bottle several times a day. Pick a number (depending on how good you already are, or are not, about drinking water throughout the day) and stick to it. Upping your daily water consumption gives you more energy and helps us feel less sluggish.”
  • If you want to have some snacks do not go for the junk food. Try to pack healthy snacks such as trail mix, celery and peanut butter, greek yogurt and granola, etc.

Lastly, Make Sure To Smile

  • There is no better way to go about your day than smiling at everyone and anything! Laughing is contagious and you know what they say, happier employees will result in a happier and productive work environment.


Alma, P.M.A.