How to Reduce Pain from High Heels

High heels, you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em.  They add that special touch that every outfit needs, but they don’t provide any special treatment to our feet!  Many of us continue to wear high heels even if they cause pain, all for the sake of fashion. Then, there is the other group that wants to wear them but won’t because they are just too uncomfortable.

We have put together a list of things that you can do turn that ‘hate’ for high heels into more of a ‘like’ or ‘love’ for them by reducing common pains associated with them.

Heel Height

The higher the heel the better right? Wrong!  Keep high heel heights to a minimum. Do not wear anything over 3” in height. Once you extend beyond this height, it starts to increase stresses to your foot and body.

Heel Style

Aim for heels with a wider base or wedge style which allows for an even distribution of body weight on your feet. A small heel reduces stability, causes calf muscles to work harder and that can lead to fatigue and rolled ankles!

Heel Material

It is natural for our feet to swell & sweat throughout the day, so to allow our feet to breath and expand, shop for shoes with natural materials such as leather or suede and perforations in the material.

Heel Frequency

Try to limit the time you wear your high heels.  If you can, wear tennis shoes on your way to and from work and then put on your heels while on the clock.

Heel Straps

If possible, pick a high heel that offers straps for additional support and stability.  Preferably, look for straps that wrap over the top of your foot rather than your ankle.

Heel Toes

Round, pointed, square, open and closed.  There are options, but the narrower the toe box, the more pressure the heel puts on your toes- hello bunions!   The wider the toe box the better for your feet. 

 Heel Investments

Invest in a quality shoe brand that will last years rather than months and will take care of your feet because they were designed to be GOOD for your feet!  Look for brands that use natural materials, include arch support technology, use silicon padding in the soles and have the APMA seal of approval.

For a list of AMPA approved shoe brands check out their list here.  To try on a pair of Vionic shoes (also APMA approved), stop by our office to see our selection!  If you would like directions to our office, or to schedule an appointment for a foot concern, please call us at (707) 578-1222.