How to Finally Get Rid of a Plantar Wart!

How to deal with Plantar WartsYou’ve tried the old duct tape method and over the counter wart remover products, and yet that pesky wart is still there causing discomfort to your feet. So, what can you do? When at home remedies fail then it is time to visit a podiatrist. Podiatrists have access to more aggressive solutions and methods to get rid of your pesky plantar wart.

First and foremost, prevent your warts from spreading by keeping them covered with a bandage until you begin treatment. And remember, do not touch them and always use good hygiene practices.

The first line of defense a podiatrist will use in treating your plantar wart is either a stronger salicylic acid medicine or a freezing medicine.

Salicylic Acid: Similar to the products you purchase at the store, but at a prescription strength. The Salicylic Acid is designed to remove layers of the skin a little at a time. This topical method is applied on a regular basis until the wart is gone.
Cryotherapy: If your podiatrist suggests freezing your wart, also known as cryotherapy, this procedure will be done during your office visit. Cryotherapy is the method of applying a liquid nitrogen to the wart. The chemical reaction causes a blister to form around the wart, which will later slough off. This method can be painful, so often the doctor will apply a numbing solution prior to the procedure.

If your plantar wart does not respond to salicylic acid or cryotherapy, the next step would be to consider other wart removing alternatives.

Alternative Acids: When your wart doesn’t respond to salicylic acid, your doctor will scrap off the surface of the wart and apply trichloroacetic acid with a wooden toothpick. This method will require a few visits back to the office for each application.
Laser Treatment: A laser is used to cauterize tiny blood vessels inside the wart. This will then cause the wart to die. This method can also be helpful if a patient is unable to comply with regular applications of other medications.
Immune Therapy: A combination of medications or solutions are used to stimulate your immune system so that it can fight off the viral warts. Surgical Removal: This method is often used as a last resort due to the possibility of leaving a scar.  The wart tissue is either cut off with a scalpel or a needle carrying an electrical current will be inserted into the wart killing it.

Your feet are vital to everything you do, so take time to inspect them daily—including the soles. This condition is common in children, so parents should look at their children’s feet often. Those with compromised immune systems may also be more susceptible to this common condition.

Whether you have one or a cluster, we’re here to help you put the spring back in your step. For more information on plantar wart treatments, call Dr. John Hollander today at (707) 578-1222. You can also schedule an appointment at our Santa Rosa, CA office by requesting an appointment online. We want your feet to stay wart free so that you can feel confident and comfortable, so go ahead and put away your duct tape and give us a call!