Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Super food selection for health diet in porcelain bowls over distressed wooden background.School is starting up this month and so it is time to think about healthy lunch ideas to pack for your children, you can also pack these for yourself!

It is important to remember that children will share their food with their friends. Avoid packing any foods or snacks that contain nuts. Nuts make up about 90% of all food allergies i.e.; tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, pistachios, etc.).

Here are a few lunch ideas to pack in your Childs lunch box. Try to pack at least one item from each of the following groups:

Dairy: cheese cut into shapes, sting cheeses, yogurt

Fruits/Veggies: strawberries, blackberries, grapes, watermelon, blueberries, cantaloupe, cherries, pineapple, kiwi, oranges, bananas, apples, pears, plums or dried fruits. Carrots, tomatoes, celery, cucumber, pickles, snap peas

Meats/Proteins: chicken or beef quesadilla, chicken cut into chunks, lunch meat rolled up, hard boiled eggs, lunch meat sandwiches

Carbs: graham crackers, rice cakes, dry cereal, pretzels, wheat thins, goldfish, bagels, mini homemade muffins (you can also make these using fresh fruit), homemade breads, cereal bars, English muffin pizzas

Drinks: It is best to avoid sending soda or sugary juice boxes to school. Try packing water, organic fruit or juice boxes, milk.

As you know kids will become bored if you pack the same foods every day, just as you would. Try to mix it up and keep trying new options and combinations of foods.