Healthy Feet for Children

Foot Pain in Children

Foot Pain in ChildrenAs a child grows, learns and plays they should never have to deal with foot pain holding them back. If a child is suffering from foot pain it will limit their activity and could dampen their mood. Children love to play and get exercise so making sure their feet are healthy is very important.

“Pain in a child’s foot or ankle is never normal. There is no such thing as “growing pains.” Any pain that lasts more than a few days, or that is severe enough to limit the child’s walking, should be evaluated by a foot and ankle surgeon.”

  • Making sure your child is wearing a properly fit shoe will make a difference.
  • Shoes that are too small or too big can make it difficult for a child to walk and/or run during everyday activities.
  • Tight or small shoes could cause pain and also cause ingrown toe nails. An ingrown toe nail can become very painful and infected if not treated properly by a podiatrist.
  • A quick and easy way to make sure that your child’s shoe fits properly, is to make sure that there is a thumbs width between the end of their longest toe, which may be not be their big toe, to the end of the shoe.

If your child complains of foot pain or ankle pains call Dr. Hollander, 707-578-1222, to schedule an appointment to get them back on their feet quickly.

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