Happy Diet, Happy Feet!

Dollarphotoclub_69887179Happy Diet, you ask? By that we mean a healthy conscious diet for your overall wellbeing, including your feet.

Now you wonder, how does diet affect your feet? Well as stated in an, Everydayhealth.com article, “Two common conditions that affect millions of Americans’ feet are peripheral artery disease and diabetes. Each of these conditions can harm your feet by damaging arteries that bring blood to your lower extremities”  (Metcalf, 2009).

One problem related to a poor diet and foot problem is inflammation. Inflammation is triggered from refined grains, sugar, and transfats. This inflammation can cause plantar fasciitis – which is pain in the thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot, in your heel, or elsewhere in your foot.

Providers recommend a healthy conscious diet and lifestyle, such as: eating more omega-3 fats, more green vegetables, and cutting down on refined sugars.

For more insight on diet and the health of your feet, please check out this article link below.

Metcalf, Eric. “How Nutrition Affects Your Feet.” Everyday Health. 13 April 2013. Web.


By: David Nieto, PMA