Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is upon us and in just a few short days the streets will be filled with the familiar sounds of laughter and greetings of “trick or treat”.

Halloween is all about having fun. Getting outside, dressed as your favorite super hero, goblin or ghost or humorous theme.  Let’s keep the holiday fun by following a few safety tips!

  1. STAY ON THE SIDEWALK.  Keep the roads for the cars and utilize the sidewalk whenever possible. This keeps everyone safe and happy.
  2. WALK IN A GROUP. They say there is safety in numbers. And besides, isn’t it always more fun to trick or treat with your best buds.
  3. STAY VISIBLE.  Wear bright colors or reflective tape on your costumes.  Grab a few glow sticks or a flashlight too!  It is dark at night, and having lights can help keep you from tripping and for others to see you.
  4. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. As a podiatrist office, it is our duty to suggest you wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes at all times- especially on Halloween!  Sneakers are a great option! Don’t forget your orthotic inserts if you use them.  And it’s always a good idea to double knot your shoelaces too!
  5. INSPECT YOUR CANDY. Keep an eye open for choking hazards for little trick or treaters.  Don’t eat handmade goodies (you never know their cleaning habits).  And if a candy looks opened, it’s probably best to toss it.
  6. DRIVE SLOWLY. Take this one night to drive a smidgen slower than the speed limit, especially in the neighborhoods.  Kids get so excited, that sometimes they forget to look for cars. Help them, by keeping an eye out for them as you drive.

We wish you all a fun, happy and sppppooooooky Halloween night!