Foot Pain in Children and Seasonal Sports

Foot pain in children can be very common, especially when they are active in sports. Soccer and baseball season is starting up and that means an increase in pediatric office visits. Some sports injuries can be avoided with a little extra care and knowledge, while other conditions that arise just seem to be a part of growing up.

One of the most commonly seen causes of foot pain in young people is Sever’s disease. This is when the growth plate in the heel becomes inflamed and swells, which results in pain and discomfort. The most common time for this problem to occur is during their growth spurt at the beginning of adolescence. Most children, by the age of 15, will have grown out of this condition because their feet will have reached their adult size. When the growth plate grows faster than the leg muscles, along with the stress and pressure put on the feet during physical activity, this can cause Sever’s disease.

Turf toe is another condition that can affect children that are active in sports.  Turf toe is an injury sprain in the big toe joint.  This type of injury is due to constant pressure that is put on the big toe joint from actions like jumping, running, pushing off hard surfaces and jamming the toe.  Turf toe can be prevented by wearing the appropriate footwear and in some cases, a special sole insert provided by your podiatrist.

Another common cause for pain in the feet is growing pains. This type of discomfort is typically felt more so at night than in the morning. This pain usually comes and goes and may last for weeks or months, but they will grow out of it. To ease growing pains you could try massaging your child’s legs and feet or help them to stretch the muscles themselves. Heating pads are also a good source of pain relief for your child’s sore muscles.  A doctor may prescribe an anti-inflammatory, but always make sure the correct dosage is giving and that your child does not have allergies.

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