Father’s Day T-Shirt Card

Dad will be pleasantly surprised when he opens up this T-shirt card to find a lovely photo inside.  It is very easy to make, requires only paper, your favorite photo and whatever decorations you wish to add to your shirt.








Step 1: Take an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper and fold in half (hot dog style)

Step 2: Fold each of the halves in half again (you will have 4 segments or 2 flaps)


Step 3: Flip paper over. Fold up the bottom portion of the paper about 1″ up.

Step 4: Flip paper back over to where the seam faces up. Fold one bottom corner up in a diagonal fashion so that the bottom corner meets the center seam. Repeat on the other side.

Step 5: Rotate paper so that Step 4 folds are now at the top of your work surface.  Take one side of the open seam at the bottom and fold diagonally outward, with the fold starting half way up the seam.  Repeat on the other side.


Step 6: Now, fold entire piece of paper in half, or where the last folds ended on the seam. You want the bottom of the paper to just overlap the “Shirt collars”.

Step 7: Here is your T-shirt! Notice how the paper tucks under the “shirt collars”?


Step 8: Open up the T-shirt.  Then, place the photo of your choice in the center & include a note if desired.


Step 9: Decorate your T-Shirt. You can make a tie, glue on buttons, decorate with stickers, you name it. Then when  you are done decorating, give it to your favorite Dad 🙂

I hope you enjoyed making this craft and have a great Father’s Day! ~ Sarah Del Buono