Fall Leaf Porcupine Craft!

 Children enjoy animals and collecting things, so why not take this opportunity to make a fun porcupine from all of the fallen leaves they collect?

Print out our spike-less porcupine on card stock here —-> PorcupineCraftpage then, head outside to collect your favorite leaves.  Attach your leaves to the porcupine with your favorite white glue and let dry. To help keep the leaves flat, try covering them with a magazine and then a book for weight.  You could even add some glitter to the leaves if you wanted to jazz him or her up a bit!

We hope you enjoy this craft time with your kiddo!  Be sure to share your creations with us on our Facebook page or on Twitter!

Happy crafting from all of us at Sonoma County Foot and Ankle Center!


*This image is for personal use only.