Every Gal Wants to Have Pretty Toes

Did you know that we offer our patients nail polishes that were developed by podiatrists?  We carry the nail polish line Dr.’s Remedy.  It is a wonderful product line that was designed with the health of the nail in mind.  Dr.’s Remedy polishes are vegan and formaldehyde free that come in a variety of subtle and vibrant colors.  If you are someone that suffers from dry brittle nails or experiences toenail fungus you should give this polish a try because it contains garlic bulb extract which is a natural fungus deterrent!

Even if you do not suffer from brittle nails or fungus, you will still benefit from these polishes.  They contain tea-tree oil, lavender, wheat protein and vitamins C and E; all of which help to hydrate the cuticle and improve the appearance of dry nails.

Dr.’s Remedy is the best nail polish alternative for anyone that wants healthy, pretty nails without the harsh chemicals. For more information and color options please visit: http://www.remedynails.com/

Give us a call or stop by our office today to purchase your own Dr.’s Remedy nail polishes. (707) 578-1222.