Do your shoes properly fit?

Dollarphotoclub_73973010School is starting up this month and many of you will be taking your children shopping for new shoes. Do you know how to tell if the shoe properly fits your Childs’ foot? Below are a few tips to keep in mind while shopping for new shoes whether they are for you or your child.

  1. Shop at the end of day – allow for swelling from heat
  2. Measure both feet standing up, full weight bearing – both of your feet are not always the same size and so it is important to measure both feet while standing up. Always buy the shoe size that fits your larger foot
  3. Allow enough room – there should be a thumbs width from the end of the longest toe (which may not be the big toe) to the end of the shoe. You should be able to wiggle your toes without hitting the end of the shoe or causing pain because the shoe is too tight
  4. Wear socks – Make sure you are trying on shoes with your socks on. If you fit a shoe to your bare foot and then try it on with a sock the shoe may feel too tight and cause discomfort
  5. Walk around in the shoes – Walk around the store in the shoes and make sure your heel is not slipping out or around while walking. Ask your child how the shoe feels; is there any pain or discomfort? There is no “break in period” as the shoes should feel comfortable immediately
  6. Lace up the shoes – Make sure the shoes are properly laced up and that the laces are adjusted each time the shoe is put on. Do not leave the shoe tied while slipping the shoes off and on

If your child complains of ankle, foot or toe pain it is important to have a podiatrist examine their feet. Call Dr. Hollander today for an appointment, 707-578-1222.