Should my child wear orthotics?

Whether or not you should use orthotics for children largely depends on your son’s or daughter’s needs. If your child has low or flat arches, some gait abnormalities, or a neuromuscular disorder that affects the feet, he or she may need a little extra support. Orthotics help stabilize and cushion your child’s feet so that they’re less likely to develop discomfort and overuse injuries. They can also help control abnormal motion while walking.

Not all children will need orthotics. However, if your child regularly complains of foot pain, or you’ve noticed some abnormalities in the feet that they haven’t grown out of, you may need to consider custom orthotic inserts. Dr. John Hollander will thoroughly evaluate your child’s lower limbs and gait patterns to create the right kind of inserts for his or her feet. Use the online contact form or call (707) 578-1222 to reach our Santa Rosa office.