Celebrate National Wine & Cheese Day in Sonoma County

While we do have our regular wine and cheese festivals at different times of the year, June 25th marks the National Wine and Cheese day.  So, to help you celebrate locally, we have generated a list of a few of our favorite wine and cheese spots.


Ty Canton Vineyards.  If you are a fan of big bold reds like Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec, you will want to stop at Ty’s.  He prides himself on using the very fruits produced in his vineyards to inspire his distinct flavors.

Wellington Cellars. Family run, hand-crafted small batch winery.  They offer most styles of wines.  The constant trend that seems to occur when others visit, is that they all end up obtaining a wine membership- that’s how good it is.

Kunde Family Winery.  With five generations of wine production, the Kunde’s remain humble while providing an exquisite selection of fine wines.  The view at this property is breathtaking and there is plenty of lovely sitting areas to enjoy it with your glass of wine.

Muscardini Cellars. As you head south on highway 12, you’ll see their cute brick red building lined with yellow trim, on your right-hand side.  Rosé and reds are what they focus on mainly, but they do offer a white wine and a bottle of grappa! They offer friendly service and comfortable patio seating if you’d like to stay for a bit. It’s also dog friendly!


Joe Matos Cheese FactoryYou can’t get anymore local than Joe’s Cheese. The cows, ducks and smells of cheese greet you upon arrival.  There is nothing fancy here. Just a small “shop” where you can enjoy a generous sampling of their one type of cheese- St. Jorge Cheese.

Bohemian Creamery. While goat, cow and water buffalo milk are personally transported from the local dairies to the creamery, by the owner, all of their cheeses are made in shop.  If you are looking for something extra special in both accessibility and flavor, this is the place. You won’t be able to find her cheeses in the store, so stock up while you’re there and don’t forget to order the sampler plate!

Vella Cheese Co. Located in an old cobble stone building resides a shop full of tasty cheeses. Hard cheeses and soft cheeses, all kinds of Monterey Jack Cheeses and more!  There are even horses next door to look at while you enjoy your snack!

Weirauch Farm & Creamery. Sheep milk and jersey cow milk are what make up the beautiful rounds of cheese offered here. Another local farm and creamery that proudly promotes the welfare of their animals and also partners with their community through food banks and local organizations that support small agriculture.


*This is not a paid endorsement or advertisement for wine or cheese. These are simply our opinions.