Can I Get a Fungal Infection from the Swimming Pool?!

The summer heat is here early, and that means many people are seeking ways to stay cool.  They wear shorts and t-shirts, stomp around in sandals, flock to ice cream trucks, and look for activities that can keep them cool.  Swimming remains one of the best and most popular options for the whole family and Santa Rosa’s public pools are open for summer hours.  However, if you want to keep your feet looking good in your sandals, you may need to spend some of your summertime preventing fungal nails.

While swimming is a great way to stay cool, it can also increase your risk for contracting a fungal nail infection.  Places like public pools are breeding grounds for the pathogens that cause the condition.  Damp floors and protected corners, especially in locker rooms, foster the fungus and expose your feet to it.  Some simple precautions, though, can help you keep your nails clean and healthy.

Make sure you wear water moccasins, sandals or shower shoes when you walk through changing rooms, use public showers, and when you stand on the pool deck.  This helps protect you from direct contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. Wash your feet thoroughly with soap every day, and pat them dry with a clean towel. Keep your nails trimmed and scrubbed as well.

Try to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes every day so each set can air out. Definitely change your socks daily, and avoid sharing them with others. You may want to pre-treat your nails with an anti-fungal spray or powder after cleaning them, and before putting on any type of footwear as well.

You do not want to contract a nail fungus infection, but you also do not have to give up activities like going to the pool to avoid it. Taking a few preventative measures can make a significant difference for the comfort and health of your feet. If you would like any help this summertime preventing fungal nails, or treating an existing infection, contact our expert team here at John D. Hollander, DPM in Santa Rosa, CA. Call (707) 578-1222 or use our online request form to reach us for questions or an appointment.