Building Up Better Bone Health

Exercise helps build bone strengthSummer is a great time to get fit. The weather is nice and you’re able to spend time outdoors. If you have trouble with weak bones from osteoporosis, however, you may wonder if traditional exercising is safe for your feet. The good news is that it can actually help you improve your bone health.

Osteoporosis takes a significant toll on your bones. The slow breakdown of your skeleton puts you at a much higher risk for developing fractures from otherwise small injuries, like tripping. You don’t have to tiptoe around gingerly and avoid all activity, though. In fact, adding resistance and weight-bearing exercise stimulates bone health and growth.

Resistance exercise means basic weight lifting, or otherwise engaging your muscles to work against the weight and force of something else. Weight-bearing activities mean exercises that require you to support your body weight. Typically this means walking and stair climbing regularly. These activities help build up and maintain the thickness and strength of your bones. They also strengthen your muscles, which can help you prevent potentially disastrous falls.

If you plan to begin a new exercise program, especially if you have osteoporosis, make sure you start slowly and build your way up. You have to condition your body to handle the strain of these activities. Otherwise you risk injuring yourself.

Don’t just sit and watch your bones deteriorate with time. With a little exercise and lifestyle changes, you can stimulate your body to improve your bone health. If you need any help establishing a foot-safe program, or you’re concerned about your feet in any way, contact John D. Hollander, DPM in Santa Rosa, CA. You can call (707) 578-1222 or use the online request form to make an appointment.

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