Back to School Shoe Shopping Guide

For Sonoma County students, the school year is only a few weeks away and at the top of their school shopping list is a new pair of shoes.  You want your child to have quality shoes that follow the latest trends, but you also want to make sure that they will not cause discomfort in the first week of school. Why? Because shoes are expensive and foot pain can distract from studies and having fun.

Take a look at our easy shoe shopping guide to help you search for that perfect new pair of shoes.

  1. Measure their feet. Always measure your child’s feet the day of shoe shopping. Children’s feet will grow on average a ½ to a full size every 4-6 months.
  2. Shop in the afternoon. Don’t head out to the shoe store first thing in the AM. Our feet will swell as the day progresses, so shop during the afternoon where the foot will be the largest.
  3. Quality Materials. Look for a shoe with a leather or mesh upper at minimum. Children’s feet sweat a lot, and this will allow them to breathe. Look for absorbent insoles to take on that extra moisture.
  4. Check out the soles. Look for shoes with a cushioned sole and rubber traction. A thicker sole will act as a shock absorber and make jumping and running more enjoyable.  A rubber sole facilitates in traction and prevents falls.
  5. Avoid twisters. You want the shoe bend at the ball of the foot, but you don’t want it to be so flexible that you can actually twist the shoe.

Other factors to consider when shopping for your child’s school shoes are: purpose (play time, sports, weather), closure options (lace, Velcro, bungy laces- pick what is easiest to put on for your child, but still secure) and socks (wear cotton or poly-blend socks to keep moisture away from the feet).

If possible, consider purchasing two or three pairs of shoes for your child. This will allow for the shoes to be rotated daily and to fully dry out.  Allowing shoes to dry thoroughly will help prevent foot odor. Using a shoe deodorant or sanitizing shoe spray is another beneficial option to preventing foot odor. Also, having shoes for different activities and weather will allow them to last a bit longer while also supporting the foot properly.

Dr. Hollander treats patients of all ages. If you find that your child is having discomfort related to their feet, please give our office a call at (707) 578-1222 to schedule an appointment.  We carry shoe deodorant, fungicidal and sanitizing shoe sprays in our office, all of which you can purchase without an appointment or prescription.