At Home Callus Care

adobestock_37701081Are you noticing thick skin buildup on your feet? Is it making it painful to walk or be active? Then you may be suffering from callus buildup.

Calluses are caused by friction and pressure. If you wear open sandals in the summer then you may notice more calluses than in the winter when you are wearing closed toe shoes with socks. If the calluses go untreated they can become very painful and spilt causing an open wound.

Here are some easy at-home treatment options for callus care:

  1. Wear a cushioned, supportive and proper fitting shoe with socks
  2. Place a cushioned Spenco insole in your shoe to reduce friction
  3. Gently use a piece of sheet rock sand paper to debride the skin. This is best used after showering when your skin is soft
  4. Use urea cream to help soften and moisture the callused skin
  5. Limit barefoot walking and sandal use

Remember it is always best to be properly diagnosed by a doctor and to follow their suggestions for treatment.

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Jessica, PMA