An Eco-Friendly Approach to Gift Wrapping

If you’ve been trying to reduce your carbon foot print this year, another method for doing so can be in the way you wrap your gifts.  While it is very temping to take advantage of the cute wrapping papers on sale, stop and think about what you have at home that could work in its place.  If you’re scratching your head, not to worry, we have complied a list of ideas to help you be greener, while also wowing your recipients with a beautiful and thoughtful presentation.

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

Newspaper. If you don’t get the paper, ask your neighbor or snag a free daily paper. Finish off with a lovely ribbon or twine.

Paper Grocery bag. Leave plain or decorate with stamps, doodles or decoupage colorful cutouts from a magazine.

Fabric. Do you have a stash of fabric? Take a beautiful square and use it to cover your gift. Tie the corners together or use a safety pin to secure. You might even add a few colorful beads onto the safety pin for extra pizzazz.

Loner Socks. Depending on the size, have fun by using a colorful sock tied off with ribbon. This is a great option for your loner socks! Maybe hold off on using the ones with dark stains on the foot though 😊.

Shoe box. Don’t spend money on another box for your gift, look in your closet! Your shoe box makes a wonderful container. Just cover with your favorite Eco-friendly wrapping material.

Jars. Do you have a beautiful old (or new) jam jar laying around? This could make a beautiful presentation for a handmade gift of candies, bath salts or just another fun way to gift smaller items like enamel buttons or beads for your crafting friend!

Toilet Paper Rolls. Don’t throw those rolls out just yet! Bend the ends inwards to create an instant jewelry gift box! Finish off with a pretty ribbon.

Reusable Shopping Bags. Have you stocked up on a hefty stash of reusable shopping bags? If one has a pretty pattern on it, use that as your gift bag. Then, your recipient can start using the bag for their shopping! Win-win all around!

Pringle Cans. Reuse your favorite chip can to hold fresh baked cookies or colorful socks. Just wash out the can and then cover it with brown paper.

Reuse your gift bags. Don’t throw away a gift bag or tissue paper. It they are still in good condition, fold them up and store for future use.

Don’t have ribbon? Use an old plastic bag! Stretch the bag thin to create “string” and tie a bow around your gift.

Don’t have a bow?  Use fallen leaves, twigs, an old ornament or make your own bow out of paper.

Don’t have a crafty side?  Purchase wrapping paper that is made from 100% recycled paper and uses natural dyes. Wrappily uses 100% recycled newspaper and Green-Field Paper Company uses soy-based inks. Take a look on Etsy as well, for smaller productions.

We hope these Eco-friendly gift wrap suggestions inspire you in your future gift-giving and have you re-thinking the materials that can be used in place of traditional gift wrap. Not only will you be helping the earth, but you’ll be helping out your wallet as well!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Sonoma County Foot and Ankle Center!