Achilles Injury Prevention with Jump-Roping

Marathon Training

The Santa Rosa marathon is coming up at the end of the summer, which means now is a good time to start getting ready for it. While you work on your distance and times, remember to strengthen your ankles as well for Achilles injury prevention. Jump roping as exercise can be a great way to build up the strength in your feet to keep them from sustaining an injury.

Jumping rope is a good way to work the muscles in your feet and ankles, to keep them strong and limber. While you are still putting direct pressure on these areas, it involves less impact than running or jogging. You will still want to take precautionary methods to make sure you don’t injure yourself while performing this exercise. This means wearing the right footwear and stretching your feet before you begin. Also, make sure you have enough space around you (including above you) to jump rope and not hurt yourself or anyone in your vicinity.

There are other exercises you can do to help protect your Achilles tendon. The 3-Way Calf Raise is a great way to strengthen your Achilles, because it targets different areas. You do this by doing calf raises on a set of stairs, first with your toes pointing forward, then facing each other, and finally pointing away from each other. This can help prevent injury because it helps the different areas of your calves prepare for all kinds of terrain.

If you have questions about Achilles injury prevention or need help with treatment options, call Dr. John Hollander at (707) 578-1222 to schedule an appointment in our Rohnert Park, CA office. We will take the time to answer your questions and make sure your feet are as healthy as can be.

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