9 Awesome Gifts for Anyone

Everyone has at least one ‘difficult to buy for’ person in their lives, or someone that has “everything”, so why not consider buying a gift that caters to their feet this year? After all, they play a significant role in our everyday lives!

You will be surprised at the number of options that you have to give them the gift of happy feet this Christmas.  Below is a list of gifts that anyone would be happy to find under their tree, many of which can be purchased in our office or at other local vendors!

Luxury Insulated Water Bottles

Everyone is loving the double insulated water bottles these days, but they are so boring looking.  Check out these luxurious and beautiful bottles by Bougie.  They come with straws too, so you don’t have to unscrew the top every time you need a drink. A must-have for me!  Purchase yours today at Bougie or check for a local retailer near you.



Nail Polish with Benefits!

Dr.’s Remedy Polish is Free of all the “bad stuff” and filled with all the “good stuff”. Containing lavender, wheat protein, garlic extract, tea tree oil and bioten, all things that help repair and hydrate, dry brittle nails, and keep existing nails healthy! It is also a 10-FREE product, so for your recipients that want organic, cruelty-free and vegan options, this is a fantastic option! You can purchase Dr.’s Remedy Polish in our office!


Pedicure at Home!

Barefoot Scientist offers a hydration pedicure kit that contains all the good things needed to hydrate even the dryest of feet (ergonomic foot file, intensive hydration cream, and special hydration socks). Hey, maybe you could provide the pedicure to your recipient too!?  Available at Ulta.  If you want to make your own pedicure kit, check out our last post on recipes to make foot soaks, scrubs, and heel balm!

Foot Cooling Lotion

This cooling lotion helps to invigorate and revitalize tired feet! Available at The Body Shop.





Wow them with Bombas Socks!

Bombas socks are amazing. They are super comfortable, come in amazing colors, and for every pair that is purchased, an additional pair is donated to someone in need.  You’re going to want to buy yourself some of the socks as well, they are just that awesome.  Note: for larger calves, consider trying the Merino Wool line, for it has a bit more stretch in the calf area. Bombas.com


CBD Therapy Pain Relief

Is your gift recipient in need of pain relief? Consider Medterra CBD Rapid cooling cream that provides relief for sore muscles and joints.  A powerful combination of CBD and certified organic ingredients, Medterra CBD Rapid Cream provides a rapid cooling feeling, perfect for sore muscles and joints. THC Free and made in the USA.  This product is available for purchase in our office!


Fashion Forward Slippers with Arch Support!

As podiatrists, we want everyone to have good arch support.  So here are two price points with Podiatrist approved sandals that your recipient is sure to love.

Birkenstock Zermatt Slippers — $100.00 Podiatrists love Birkenstocks’ footbeds for their comfort and arch support. This pair has a deep heel cup that keeps your natural cushioning under the heel bone, longitudinal arch support along the sides of the footbed for stability, and a raised toe bar that encourages the natural gripping motion of your feet.

L.L. Bean Women’s & Men’s Mountain Slippers — $69.00.  These slippers have a cozy fleece lining to keep your toes nice and toasty, a rubber bottom that provides traction, and—of course—good arch support. The insole can be removed should you want to wear your custom orthotics in them. Men’s pair, Women’s pair.



Small Ball, Big Impact!

If you’ve never used a foot massage ball, then you need to get one as a gift for yourself as well!  This little ball works wonders on tired and achy feet! The little bumps can also provide pinpoint pressure on your heels with minimal effort! This is a BIG deal for those with thick calluses!  Check them out at FleetFeet.


Medical Pedicures!

Did you know that we offer medical pedicures in our office?  Medical pedicures are wonderful for everyone, but especially for our diabetic and high-risk patients.  Having a pedicure performed in our office means you have a doctor nearby and trained medical assistants that specialize in foot care, treating your feet.  Take a look at our spa menu and how you can pick up a gift certificate.


We hope this list inspires you and that your gift recipients (or you) enjoy the thoughtful items.

**These are NOT paid endorsements/advertisements of these products, just simply a few fun ideas to help you get your holiday shopping completed!